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About Us

I - Behind Success

People have often asked why CAP has been so successful. They have trouble understanding how, in only few years, CAP has become a leading player serving the IT markets in many countries of the Middle East ; surpassing corporations that have been in business for decades. There is no magic involved. It just takes a lot of hard work, persistency and dedication.
CAP simply believes in providing superior quality products at fairly competitive world market prices making as such the high-quality IT products affordable almost to every budget. And practicing business in an ethical manner that friends of ours have started to call our approach the CAP Policy .
Other vendors charge 50% to 100% extra for their products & services. They claim that prices are justified because of quality.
At CAP, we always have operated under the concept that customers should not have to pay that extra for quality should be automatic, not something a vendor adds on only for those people who can afford it. Now, the question is,whether our so-called competitors are capable enough to source, Implement & Maintain the right quality products at the right price & in the right Environment?
In building our PCs & practicing our services, we opted for the best quality components in the industry challenging world-Class companies in Word-Class markets in reliability,performance & cost- effectiveness.
By providing the highest quality products & still maintaining a competitive pricing structure, CAP will let you win now & in the future.
We are partnering with the world IT leaders such as Intel and Microsoft to keep providing the latest & the most advanced technology in order to protect our customers investments.
Our successful business is backed up by our determination to be a leader in any market we penetrate. We are building on the quality of our products, the firm determination to extend the best services to our customers and the strong inventory at each & every operation center of ours. This is to provide the best support the customers want. Our philosophy is no secret, and we are pledging to give you more of the same& help you focus on the growth & development of your business for years to come.

II - CAP Address

UAE Show-Room CAP Computer Trading
Zarooni Building, Khalid bin walid street P.O.Box: 31569. Bur Dubai,
UAE. Tel : +971-4-3934747 Fax : +971-4-3938670/71
E-mail : capdxb1@emirates.net.ae

III - CAP Products Line

CAP is distributingall sorts of quality PCs, PC components, CPUs, Memories, HDDs, FDDs, CD Rom Drives, CD-Rewritable Drives, Monitors, Keyboards, Modems, Computer Cases, add-on cards, Ink jet Printers, Laser Printers, Plotters, Sign Makers& Cutters, UPS back-up systems, other peripherals,.. etc.
  Products Brand Company Country
1 Notebooks, PCs, Workstations, Servers, ..etc HP Compaq HP Compaq USA
2 Workstations & servers based on the Alpha RISC CPUs from Digital Equipment corp. Our Own ( Mikado & Milestore) Digital Equipment corp. ( under OEM agreement) USA
3 HDDs : EIDE & SCSI Western digital Western digital corp. USA
4 Sign Markers & Cutters IOLINE IOLINE Corp. USA
5 Memory Simple Technology Simple Technologie USA
6 Motherboards, VGA Cards  PCs & PC Servers Power flex Alpha Business Machines Taiwan
7 Monitors D-Star Alpha Business Machines Taiwan
8 Networking Fast Net Alpha Business Machines USA
9 Keyboards Chicony Chicony Taiwan
10 Speakers & Sound Cards Kennedy Alpha Business Machines USA
11 PCs & servers Explorer Alpha Business Machines Taiwan
12 Mice & Pointing Devices Genius KYE Systems Taiwan
13 HP Ink Jet &Laser Pinter HP Hewlett Packard USA
14 Canon Ink Jet Printers Canon Canon Japan
15 Epson Ink jet & Matrix printers Epson Epson Japan
16 Flat Bed Scanners Explorer Alpha Business Machines USA
17 CD-Rom Drives & FDDs Teac Teac Corporation Japan

IV - CAP Core Businesses are

  1. Organized distribution of state of the art IT & office Automation products through CAP partners program.
  2. Professional assembly & quality control of intel & digitals Alpha Based PCs.
  3. Lease of IT solutions including hardware, software & services.
  4. Development of products that serves the IT market including PCB Design, Real Time interfaces, firmware, Device drivers,etc..
  5. On-site training, maintenance & after sales service.
  6. Studies, Implementation, training & Maintenance of Small & Large IT solutions, Such as:
    1. Networking Environments ( Windows NT, Microsoft Workgroups, Novell, Intranet Solutions )
    2. Imaging & Documentation Solutions
    3. CAD/ CAM Solutions
    4. Business Automation ( Internet, Word-processing, Spread Sheets, Accounting, Billing, costing, Inventory Control,.etc )
    5. General Hardware & General Software Troubleshooting & Maintenance Contracting
    6. Other Computer Related Environment Services.

V - Philosophy & Objectives

  1. Provide consistent quality products & Outstanding After-sales services at prices that are hardly matched in the industry.
  2. Investing more & in our partnership with intel & microsoft in the short & the long terms. This enables us to access & keep aligned with the lastest & most advanced technology that:
    1. we are constantly offering to our valued customers base.
    2. Despite the stiff price war, CAP has never & will never import, source or use remarked components that are widely dominating the third word in general & the Middle East Market in particular.
    3. Adopting a customer oriented approach by keeping close communications with our customers with prompt responsiveness & immediate follow-up.
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